Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Work I Go...

My day started out waking up to Cohen in my bed :) Even though he was crying because he was so hungry I couldn't help but feel relieved to see him!

You see last night I had a dream that I left Cohen at a babysitter, and someone came and took him!!! Then randomly brought him back and left him on our porch or something. Anyway...he was all bruised and beat up.! The person that took him had abused him and then brought him back for me to take care of. So now you can understand the relief I felt when i saw his perfect little face in the morning!

That was just the beginning of the day...

After feeding Cohen I had to get everything ready for....MY FIRST DAY BACK AT WORK!! Yes I am not back at work. And Cohen is now spending all day everyday with his lovely grandma's. No matter how much I love both my mom and mother-in-law, I am sceptical at how well they will be able to take care of Cohen (compared to me). I trust them and just need to let it happen, but I am having a bit of a problem... HA.

So I get to work and have tons to do! Re-certs are here and a ton of S.O.P. revisions. Basically I WAS the floor lead and now I have to relearn everything. It sucks. Then on top of being new but not really, there is this girl there that thinks she can be a better lead than both Julie and I. bites.! Luckily when I called grandma Kelly at lunch she reassured me that everything was okay with Cohen and that he was being a good little munchkin and that I just need to relax. :) So I did just that. I went back to work and kicked some butt! (I'll show Maddie) ha.

The only thing that stinks right now is that I thought I was going to be coming home to see my little man, and grandma kelly isn't home...and she isn't answering her phone. So what am I doing now?..Talkin to whoever is reading this thing. Basically venting about how sucky my day has been...and how I have yet to see my little man... :( it's killing me!

Luckily...Pot roast is for dinner! mmm my favorite!

Go Jazz!

The Alter family went to a Jazz game last night! It was awesome.

Greg Miller (Larry H. Miller's son) lives in Matt's parents ward. So every year he gives the ward tickets to the skybox. We were so lucky that there were two tickets left over! I don't think that neither Matt or I have ever been in the sky box.

Orrin, Kelsie, and Zoe came and picked us up, when we got to the Energy Solutions Arena we had to find the elevator that would take us up to dinner. Finding the elevator wasn't hard, but getting on it was a difficult task... There was a large line waiting for us when we got to the elevator. When we finally got up to the 6th floor, I think it was the 6th floor might have been the 5th, anyway...There was a large banquet waiting for us, with tons of food! There was Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and yummy dessert!. We got so spoiled!.

After dinner was over and the game was about to start we found some seats on half court. We woke up Cohen and took some very cute pictures and when Kelsie posts them on her blog I will post some as well haha..

In this skybox there were free concessions as well! Nachos, popcorn and drinks. I loved it! haha Being spoiled is the best.

Cohen and Zoe did so good at their first basketball game. They didn't cry or whine or anything, well just a little bit ha. Cohen and Zoe were hanging out on a table most of the game and were loving every second of it! haha

 Zoe watching the Jazz play hard :) She is so stinkin cute!

Cohen was cheering so hard!

Here are the two little munchkins hangin out on the back table!
Having a good ol' time :)

Saturday we are going to be hanging out with Kelli, Lars, Randi, John, Amber, and Eric! I am so excited to see them. I miss all my friends! Being married is kinda hard, we never see our friends. But I guess its okay as long as Matt and I have each other and Cohen haha :)

I love my family! They are my entire world, I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have them in my life.

Here are a few extra pictures!

Jake and Jason wanted to play house! haha.

The Alter Family

The Farmer Family

Friday, January 28, 2011

Round 3?

This is my third blog now! I tried to start one about an hour ago and apparently it didn't work...hmmm. So anywho.... a lot has happened since my last blog that i had...

Matt and I bought a TOWNHOUSE! I love being here. We have lived here for about 3 months and have had a ball trying to decorate. Matt is on my case all the time about hanging pictures, but I just don't know where to put anything haha.. So far we have quite a few things hung up and are still in the process of making it our own. One room that i got decorated first was our new little addition Cohen's room. It was so fun putting everything together for when he arrived.. Cohen Matthew Alter was born on November 22, 2010! He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, and 20 inches long. He is amazing! I can't believe how much i can love him so fast! haa. He is now almost 9 weeks old! How time flies!

*He now can sit up with a little bit of us holding his arms.
*He can basically stand on his own (But doesn't have any balance)
*He smiles like crazy when you talk to him!
*I swear he says mom when he cries lol!
*He loves tummy time.
*He eats like its nobodies buisness!
*He sleeps through the night! (Which Matt and I love!)
*He has a favorite blanket already. It does wonders!

He is growing up so fast and I hate that I have to leave him so soon. :(

I have to go back to work on Monday and I dreading it.. I miss him even when he is taking his nap in his crib..I don't know how I am going to handle being away from him for 8 hours at a time.. :(

I am currently trying to find a new job. And its not really working that well.. But on the other hand Matt has job opportunities coming out of his ears! I don't know how someone can be so good at getting jobs! It drives me insane. But I am so proud of Matt for trying so hard to provide for our new little family!

Lets see...
Matt and I have been so blessed. It has been a miracle having Cohen here with us. We thank Heavenly Father every single day for sending us our little ball of joy and for all the many blessing he has given us.

p.s. your welcome kelsie :) ha