Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tax Season...

Tax season has been pretty good to us this year. Except for the fact that we missed out on $8,000.00 by 21 days. When we bought our house we were 21 days off from getting an 8,000 dollar refund!. SUCK!! haha. oh well Se La Vi. (La Vi) :) 
We bought a lap top with some of the tax money we got back, but we are thinking of taking it back and saving that money for when Matt goes to the U. Who knows what will really happen..

Cohen is getting so big..he almost doesn't fit in size 1 diapers anymore. It makes me so sad to see him growing so fast, but at the same time he is getting to be so much more fun. He is smiling all the time and he is starting to realize who both Matt and I are. He was sleeping through the night but recently he has been waking up more.. :( that kinda sucks. haa. He had his 3 month birthday yesterday.. and we really didn't do anything for him haha. We got him some new clothes over the weekend I guess that kind of counts. 

Last night Cohen and I went to Lisa's bridal shower!. It was at the Pie, Cierra, Julie, and Natalie were there. I am so excited that Lisa and Logan are finally getting married. I feel like it was a long time coming, but good for them! :)

So can I just say that UTI's are really sucky!!! I have had one before. I had one right when I got pregnant with Cohen and that sucked, but this one is way worse!! I called my Dr. and I have to wait till tomorrow to get in to pee in a stupid cup! SUCK!!! I feel like I have to pee constantly, but when I go....NOTHING COMES OUT!!! Ugh. Looks like it is going to be a long night. ha

Next post will have pictures I swear! I just need to get some from Kelsie. Cause she is the photographer in the fam.  

The Boat Show

On Friday Grandpa Dave took all of us to the boat show. Cohen was such a little trooper, as was Zoe. :) It was pretty fun to go and see all the amazing boats, but I think that this show was much more fun for Matt, Jake, Orrin, and Dave. Kelsie and I just kind of followed around. Still fun though.

Here is Cohen expressing his annoyance at being in a car seat instead of inside the boats!!

Daddy and Cohen sitting inside one of the many boats we saw that day.

Mommy and Cohen

GO BYU!!! Yes everyone I think I am converting to the Y... Sorry UTAH.

Awe, our little family!

It was so funny, Matt was just holding Cohen and we went to take a picture of him and Zoe on an engine and as soon as Matt put Cohen up there Cohen just passed out. He is so stinking cute! So here is Cohen taking his power nap before we got to the big boats!

The boat show was a success I think. Matt seems to think that this is going to become an annual thing. Which is okay with me as long as grandpa Dave pays every year haha :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Week, All Summed Up

Well let's just say it was my first week back to work and my first week away from Cohen. It was kind of hard, but I think I did pretty well. I try so hard to not call very much while I am at work because I find it harder to stay at work ha! So I just let Kelly and my mom do their thing and just hope that Cohen is being the little sweetheart I know he is. The best part about going back to work would be that when I get home and see Cohen, he always seems so happy to see me! Holding him is just a stress reliever in itself. I love being a mom!

Moving onto the weekend....

This weekend was pretty fun. I had Saturday off (which probably won't happen very often)  and we went and saw TANGLED with Julie and Josh. It was such a cute movie, both Matt and I loved it! (Julie cried!!! Don't tell her I told) Before the movie even started Matt leaned over and whispered to me, "Ame, we can buy this movie, K?" It was so funny! Even after the movie all Matt could say was how cute it was and how good he felt that we went and saw a "good" movie. :) He is so cute lol!

Then on Sunday...We went to church and well....I didn't really want to stay for all of church, but I have the best husband ever, and he made us all stay lol! To make it even better I forgot to bring food for Cohen and by the time Relief Society started Cohen was having a complete freak out and so I had to stand outside. Trying to get a hungry baby to stop crying is really hard lol! It doesn't really work out very well.

After church we ran up to Dave and Kelly's for the yummy food and the SUPER BOWL! It was quite the game...(which i didn't really watch)! Green Bay won and took home the trophy! YAY... On the plus side I know Cohen isn't gay! LOL. He was staring at the TV the whole time the game was on! He didn't sleep AT ALL! :)

Over all the week was pretty good. Cohen did pretty good at not having a mommy for some of the day. :) and I did pretty good at being away from him too. Matt is done working for Pinnacle as of today! They are dumb... So now he works only for Geneva which is good, he likes that job a lot better.

 And that's about it! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Behind...

A while ago Matt Cohen and I went sledding with Natalie Neider and Uncle Jake. :) It was so fun! Cohen slept the whole time, but sleeping put aside he did great at sledding haha.

We all went up to Natalie's family cabin and just went down basically their drive way! We got going pretty fast. If i can figure out how to put a video on here you all will see how Matt and I went flying down the hill.

But here are some fun pictures we took....

On our way to the cabin

Uncle Jake and Cohen

Cohen's first time on a sled with Daddy!

Family photo.

Cohen's cute snow outfit from Grandma Great!

Cohen snoozin after a long day of sledding haha! Even though he slept the whole time! :)

About that video.... haha I don't know how to put them on the computer yet so that will have to be another day!