Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Calling...

Last week the primary president called Matt's phone asking for me...

I got a little bit excited and yet a little bit nervous. 

I guess that there is a sister in our ward that is going to teach english in Japan for 7 weeks, and they need a substitute. That's where I come in. She wanted to know if I would be interested in teaching for 7 weeks. 

Of course I said yes! I have been wanting to be in primary for a long time, and now I can be.

I sat in on the class today and loved it! The kids are great, and very.... enthusiastic haha. I am teaching the Valiant 11 class. 

I'm pretty stoked people! That's all :D

I am so excited to have a calling that I kind of know what I am doing. I also have a calling in the relief society, but I have NO idea what I am supposed to do. So I am hoping that this calling will help me and Matt become a bit more interactive with our ward!

Family Photos

We convinced Kelsie to take some family pictures for us on friday. Unfortunately Cohen was not a happy camper during most of the pictures... But Keslie being the awesome photographer she is, she got a bunch of cute pictures. :)

Cohen's face looks like he was just at the dentist and got injected with some numbing stuff.... HA

Probably one of my most favorite pictures.

Another favorite

The all so famous "O" face :D


I love being able to use Kelsie to take some family pictures for free.. Well not really for free, we bought papa john's and root beer that night haha.
But thank you Kelsie we love them! You have now become the new family photographer for life, SUCKER!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Let's start from the beginning....
Kelsie: "Hey Amy, wanna run a half marathon with me?"
Me: "Uh.....nope!"
Kelsie: "Matt will pay you... :)"
Me: "........."
Kelsie: "$100 a mile :)"
Me: "...OKAY"

Yes everyone I have decided to run a HALF MARATHON!! And Matt has downed the cost to I think $800 total..So whatever that is a mile.. haha

Kelsie has convinced me that it will be fun and a good idea...(good idea, in the fact that I am getting $$ out of it haha). 

So we started our running last week on tuesday, so today was the second week of running.. We were supposed to run just a mile today and then our long run (on Saturday) was supposed to be 1.5 miles. BUT Kelsie and I didn't know how to mark out just a mile... So we actually ran 2 MILES! HAHA

It felt way good to run that far, but definitely HARD. 

So far I have been staying pretty on schedule with what I am supposed to run everyday... Today I ran 1.5 without stopping, so that is good... Hopefully it will get easier.. 

Mother's Day was on Sunday. Yes, it was my first Mother's Day and it was amazing!! Matt and I sort of celebrated on Saturday though. He took me out to California Pizza Kitchen (YUM) and gave me an awesome present, some new running shoes! I love them tons!! 

Nike Free TR Fit Women's Training Shoes
Okay so these aren't the exact pair that Matt got me. He got me some way cute purple ones, which I loved as well, but I just kinda like these ones a little bit better. And actually I ordered a different pair before I ordered these ones lol! Woops-a-daisy.. Anyway let's just say I LOVE THESE SHOES!!

On Sunday we went to church and Matt's co-teacher (who owns a cafe) brought in some chocolate covered strawberries. MY FAVORITE! 

After church we went over to my parent's house and had an amazing pot roast dinner and played the WII with the family.

All in all I must say that I have the most amazing family! I am so grateful to be a mom to the cutest little boy ever! I just hope that I will be the mom that he fully deserves! I love him and Matt so much and I am loving every minute of having my very own family!

Thanks so much for the best first Mother's Day!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

St. George!

Over the weekend we went down to St. George with the Alters and Olsons. We drove down after work on Thursday with Kelsie, Orrin, and Zoe. I was a little bit worried about how the babies would do on the way down there, but luckily they did great! We were very lucky! The trip was awesome! Definitely a needed get-a-way! We spent our days swimming in the pool and just kinda walking around and loving the warm weather. Kelsie, Orrin, Matt, and I were all talking about how much fun it would be to all move down there. Oh how I wish sometimes. I don't know if I ever could though. Here are a few pictures that Kelsie (the family photographer) got from our lovely trip.

On our way to ST GEORGE!

Cohen is waiting patiently to eat some yummy food.

Getting ready for his first swim!!!

I Love this picture! Cohen and Daddy went down the slide at the park.

Stunna shades!

ONE....TWO....THREE.... down you go..

Grandma and Grandpa swimmin.

One of my favorite family pictures.

Cohen wanted to hold Zoe's hand so bad!

Going down the slide together!

Daddy got a good laugh out of him by throwing him in the air.

I love our family! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kelsey B Photography

A few Saturdays ago Matt, Kelsie, Orrin, and I took Zoe and Cohen to get some pictures taken from a good friend of mine. Both Kelsie and I thought that if we fed the babies before we went that they would be happy and smiley for Kelsey. Little did we know that both of them would be so tired when we got there that both of them were very onry. Kelsey was able to get a few good shots of both of them though, and right as we were about to give up and try another day, they both fell asleep and we were able to continue with picture taking.

Kelsey did a good job and we are so happy with the turn out!

Here are the end results!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kidney Stones..

Alright so my last post said something about a UTI.. Well come to find out it was no where near a UTI.!

Let's start from the beginning. 
A few Thursdays ago I went in to see my doctor, because I thought that I was in the middle of a UTI and I just wanted to get it to go away! For some of you that don't know what a UTI feels like....You constantly have the sensation of feeling like you have to go to the bathroom really bad. So the doctor put me on some medication that should have made it go away.

So for a little while it was working, the pain was gradually going away. Until the next Thursday hit!. I was at work and I started to have the feeling of needing to pee my pants like every ten seconds! But when I would go to the bathroom nothing would come out! So I thought that the medicine hadn't kicked in or something..  I thought I would just let it go for a little while, until my left side started to have a stabbing pain in it...For about 2 hours I held it together thinking that it was just going to go away, but when it didn't I just left work and went to the emergency room! As soon as I got there they hooked me up to an IV, and started to analyze what was going on with me. I got about 3 doses of Morphine because the pain was just too much to bare!!(Good stuff by the way :) ) After all the morphine my oxygen level sorta dropped so I had to have oxygen hooked up in my nose. It was way uncomfortable. 

The doctor came in and told me that they had found traces of blood in my pee and that that is a sure sign of kidney stones. Let me just say, coming from a person that JUST had a baby, kidney stones are WAY worse!!! I would have a baby 12 times over than have another kidney stone! So after my oxygen and things stared to come back, the nurse unhooked me from all the monitors and told me I was good to go..The doctor gave me some prescriptions for some yummy drugs and another prescription for an anti-nausea pill. Which both worked wonders on me! :)

Over all lets just say....KIDNEY STONES SUCK!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What the HECK!!

So Cohen has decided that he wants to learn to ROLL OVER! Last night he started to arch his back a ton and he was basically on his stomach. Yes, I know that this is going to happen, but I thought I had a little bit more time with my baby. :( After he started to get the whole rolling over from back to front I wanted to teach him how to go the other way too.. So I helped him a few times and then he just did it by himself... Now let me just say that he hasn't really tried again since, but it is a start people! :) I'm so proud of my little man!

He is also doing to cutest thing ever! (Kinda annoying though) He is started to want to suck his thumb while he drinks his bottle! haha. So he holds the bottle with his left hand and sticks his thumb right on inside his mouth. Breaking the sucking seal of his mouth, he now creates a funny sound whenever he eats now.! I love him so much! :)

Matt is trying to get into the Y. He has been trying for quite some time now, but every time he tried to make an account it wouldn't let him. So he called someone there and they spent a very long time trying to figure out the problem. And well the problem was this....Someone had stolen Matt's social and had created an account already. So now that they have figured that out Matt is on his way to becoming a COUGAR. He might not be able to get in this fall but come spring BYU better watch out! :)

I applied for a different promotion at work this last week. It is called Donor Processor Lead. I am already the lead on the floor, so this isn't a promotion or anything just a switch-a-roo. I don't really think that I am going to get it, but the hours a bit better and that is really the only reason I applied.. I just miss being home at night with Cohen and Matt. So we'll see how it goes..

(I really suck at pictures)