Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What the HECK!!

So Cohen has decided that he wants to learn to ROLL OVER! Last night he started to arch his back a ton and he was basically on his stomach. Yes, I know that this is going to happen, but I thought I had a little bit more time with my baby. :( After he started to get the whole rolling over from back to front I wanted to teach him how to go the other way too.. So I helped him a few times and then he just did it by himself... Now let me just say that he hasn't really tried again since, but it is a start people! :) I'm so proud of my little man!

He is also doing to cutest thing ever! (Kinda annoying though) He is started to want to suck his thumb while he drinks his bottle! haha. So he holds the bottle with his left hand and sticks his thumb right on inside his mouth. Breaking the sucking seal of his mouth, he now creates a funny sound whenever he eats now.! I love him so much! :)

Matt is trying to get into the Y. He has been trying for quite some time now, but every time he tried to make an account it wouldn't let him. So he called someone there and they spent a very long time trying to figure out the problem. And well the problem was this....Someone had stolen Matt's social and had created an account already. So now that they have figured that out Matt is on his way to becoming a COUGAR. He might not be able to get in this fall but come spring BYU better watch out! :)

I applied for a different promotion at work this last week. It is called Donor Processor Lead. I am already the lead on the floor, so this isn't a promotion or anything just a switch-a-roo. I don't really think that I am going to get it, but the hours a bit better and that is really the only reason I applied.. I just miss being home at night with Cohen and Matt. So we'll see how it goes..

(I really suck at pictures)

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  1. Wait a minute... COHEN ROLLED OVER!?! Seriously!? That is insane! Isn't it depressing how fast they freakin' grow up?? I don't like it one bit! However, I definitely wanna see my adorable nephew roll over the next time I see him! :)

    Also, I hope you get the promotion! I know that Cohen and Matt miss you at night too!